As part of our college goodie bag campaign, we are giving out FREE Nutella B-Ready!

If you every wished that Nutella came in snack form, now you can indulge in their delicious B-Ready bars. We Nutella lovers can rejoice in this, as we can now help our cravings anywhere. There is no need to bring a jar of Nutella and a spoon everywhere you go.

What is it exactly you ask? The Nutella B-Ready bar is a crisp wafer shell that’s filled with a mixture of Nutella spread and puffed wheat crispies, mixing the smooth texture of the chocolate spread with a little crunch. It is literally heaven in a bar!

Here are scenarios you will more than likely be in this year and need snack of Nutella B-Ready in your hand!

On The Morning Commute

We are all guilty of rushing out the door to catch the bus and skipping breakfast. You find your stomach growling as soon as you get on the bus. This is where Nutella B-Ready comes in to save the day.

Waiting For That Takeaway

College will be the time where you decide to get a 3 in 1 delivered to your door at least once a week. While you are waiting for that Chinese to come, you make be a little peckish. Some of us might have great will power and wait, but a lot of us can’t help but nibble on something. Nutella B-Ready is here is help you.

To Cheer That Roommate UpCollege is a stressful time for everyone. As much as we love to socialise, drink and learn something we actually enjoy, it can sometimes take a toll on us. If you are living on campus, you can’t go home and cry to your mammy. You will confide in your roommate most of the time (unless if you hate each other). If one of your roommates is feeling down, a sweet treat is something that will definitely help.