Following on from last weeks article, Emma Wright is back to conclude on the strange stir-ups in the college melting pot.

The Mature Student
In they come, with their glasses on and books in hand, marching to the front of class and sitting down in the front rows. You will always know them because they laugh at the lecturers’ jokes that the rest of the class are too young to understand (it wasn’t THAT funny), they ask the questions you are too afraid to ask (thank god) and they usually provide some jokes and humour to lectures (mostly unknowingly). They can also be heard shushing people up and are usually the ones to hold everyone up at the end of class with their banter with the lecturer, which annoys us all beyond belief! (I am a mature student so I am allowed to say this!)
The Goths
These ones are the students that are easy to spot with their stereotypical black make up, black clothes and either black or brightly coloured hair. They tend not to want to talk to you and avoid others, unless those others are Goths’ too. Then they just hang around in a quiet group and blame the world for their troubles, whilst looking like vampires and wishing they were able to bite each other (and probably do – whatever you’re into).
The Hipsters
These kids (usually fellas) are the ones who purposefully try to be edgy and cool. They tend to have beards and skinny jeans, or wear beanie hats and guitars on their back. They will often have a music-themed tattoo on some point of their body and some quirky piercing. They will have a mellow personality and be quite deep and philosophical about life, leaving you feeling chilled out after an encounter with them but also doing some soul-searching (as if we don’t do that enough already in lectures).
Every student around
Regardless of which category you belong to or who you are, I can guarantee that you: only go to college when you have to and skive the rest of the time, have a close group of mates whom you can’t remember not having in your life. You do bare minimum work, head out drinking or stay home drinking several nights a week, get with too many people and experiment with various different things and people (cough). You eat take-way’s at least twice a week and can’t remember the last piece of fruit you had. You say you will go to the gym but college work always gets in the way. You spend hours in lecture’s wondering what the hell you are doing there and proceed to doodle this on the desk. You take any freebies that you can get and save some clothes for your mother to wash when you return home at the weekends. You take LOTS of selfies of you having a social life and put the best ones of you up on Facebook, hoping for a good amount of likes and a few comments but most of the time, no-one cares.
As a student, we can get away with being as lazy as we like because ‘being a student’ is a valid excuse for anything remotely unacceptable that we do. But next time you see a group of students who you wouldn’t want to approach, remember you are probably more alike than you think!