Catch the Oxygen Goodie Bag campaign on campuses around Ireland and grab yourself a Catch bar! It’s so much better than…

Catching (or missing) the bus

It’s half past seven. You wake up in a foggy alcohol- induced daze and realise that you’re going to be late for you 9am. You throw on the vaguely clean outfit on your bedroom floor and sprint down to the bus stop, only to watch the bus driver sail by smugly. We’ve all been there. But now that you’ve got all that extra time on your hands, why not grab yourself a Catch bar for a breakfast with a twist?

Catching a cold

Has Freshers’ flu got you down? Are you spending your week huddled in a blanket on the couch drinking Lemsip and watching endless reruns of Friends? Why not treat yourself to a Catch bar- you deserve it, after all the hard work you’ve put into partying so far this term.

Catching feelings

If your head’s been turned in a tutorial, or your eyes keep meeting that special someone’s across the lecture hall, fear not! There’s no better way to snap out of it and cure lovesickness than munching on a Catch bar – one sweet thing to distract you from another.

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