As part of our goodie bag campaign, we are giving a bag of Walkers Maxi Cheese and Onion!

This is the perfect snack to have while in a pub with your mates. But where should you go to get your pint and Walkers Maxi? Here are the top pubs that every student must go to in Dublin.

The Pavilion Bar, Trinity College Dublin

Mostly known simply as ‘The Pav’, it’s Trinity’s very own pub which is enjoyed by students from every college in Dublin. As it is a student bar, it is relatively cheap compared to many other pubs in Dublin. A pint of Guinness would be around €4, for Dublin it’s an absolute steal!

The Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street South

This is one for all you hipsters out there, introducing The Bernard Shaw. It’s beer garden is very lively at weekends while it plays techno music. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a catch-up with your friends. I personally spent the majority of my college social life here, as it never fails me for a good night.

Harry’s On The Green

This hidden gem is perfect if you want to watch a match during the day. This pub is inspired by below street level New York bars, making it one of a kind in Dublin. It’s central location is great if you make the last-minute decision to hit the club afterwards.

The Karma Stone Bar, Wexford Street

This is a favourite by DIT students as it’s only around the corner from it’s Aungier Street campus. It’s funky décor and lively atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a pint and crisps after lectures. Beware: you may end up staying later than planned as it’s late night DJs and cocktails make it hard to leave.

Doyles, College Street

If you are looking for a quiet one with mates, this is your place. It’s located right beside Trinity and the prices are very reasonable, making students flock towards this pub. A pint of Tuborg is only €4.30! It’s the perfect spot to catch-up with friends after a long day of lectures.

By Aoife Crilly