The Late Late Toy Show is the event of the season on the Emerald Isle and as per usual, all we do is watch and wait for the funny moments to begin.

We’ve come up with a list of the best moments from last night’s show to remind you of what the programme is really all about.

The show started with a bang, with ‘The Little Mermaid’ as its theme, we couldn’t have asked for much more than Ryan Tubridy belting out Under Da Sea while dressed as a crab. The perfect way to kick start the show, along with 200 amazing performers. 

Once the opening performance was finished, Tubs wasted no time when making fish pun after fish pun! (5mins)

The first funny moment came quickly when Tadhg came on to show off his superhero toys. Little did he know that within minutes Ryan would be swirling him around the studio as he clung onto a Batman Stretch Armstrong for dear life! 

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But Tadhg didn’t stop there! He may have said it quietly but he gave us a good chuckle when Ryan asked him if he was going to eat an egg as he quickly shut him down by blurting out “I’ll come out in hives.” 

We got the shock of our lives when Kyle the Farmer came on to show us his but soon started to hit Tubs while he crawled through the studio, there’s always that moment we wait for and this was it! Not to mention that Kyle also showed Tubs how to milk a cow live on the show! What a kid! 

To open the Star Wars segment, we were presented with a young boy playing the theme song on bagpipes which was beyond impressive.

To show us all the Star Wars toys, we had Thomas who was not a fan of the BB-9 remote control toy and he was not afraid to let us know about it. 

Thomas didn’t stop there, he was asked a simple yes or no question to which he replied “maybe”, and when Ryan told him how he should be more straightforward with his answer, he came up with the more certain one of “probably.”

The toy show did something a little different this year with children from all socioeconomic backgrounds joining the show. This was shown when Mia came in and mentioned that she didn’t have a home and was forced to live with her grandparents.

A surprise of a lifetime came when she was told she and her family would be heading to Florida for a week’s holiday in Legoland! Our hearts exploded as we watched.

Bobby from Donegal was next and gave us a good aul giggle. For a child nonstop talking about cars you’d think he’d be thrilled when he’s surprised with a DeLorean from Back to The Future, his favourite film, right? Think again because Bobby was so unimpressed that he gave us he only reaction we could’ve wanted.

Brooke and Amber from Dublin came along to give Ryan a lovely makeover. They had some of the best one liners of the night like looking directly into the camera and saying “pink makes the boys wink.”

They also told Tubs they’ll fix his wrinkles and then telling him, in a flat Dublin accent, “ya look stunnin” and then forcing a cucumber into Ryan’s mouth and saying, “here jus eat ih.” These girls stole the show.

The highlight of the show was one to remember. We saw the sweetest family reunion on the show when a father who had been serving in the army in Africa jumped out of a present to surprise his children, who thought they were there to show Ryan a limbo stick toy (which they were amazing at by the way!) 

The whole country was sobbing on their couch when an amazing little boy got a standing ovation after his performance of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ from Funny Girl that he was so shocked by the started balling his eyes out, he was just precious. 

Daniel from Galway was that kid who was surprised by their idol. After showing Ryan how he built Croke Park on Minecraft, he told us how much he adored the Galway hurling team, only for 5 players to come out and surprise him with a training session in January.

And what did he decide to ask his idols? “How are you so good?”

The shows last demonstrator came along to show us how to make slime. The best moment came when Ryan brought the slime into the audience and began shooting it at people. Now this is what the toy show is all about!

The Toy Show this year made us laugh and cry throughout and gave us plenty of moments we’ll be talking about at work and college all day Monday! It was certainly a good one!

Ellen Fitzpatrick