Here’s a challenge – You’re standing in the middle of the departure lounge at Dublin airport. Pulse racing, hands sweating, you look around desperately for someone to help. You have to make it out of the country, but you have no money. What do you do?
This will be a reality for 60 students from DCU on November 21st. In a bid to raise money for the Donal Walsh #LiveLife Foundation, these brave souls are tasked with making it across the Irish Sea to Edinburgh; with no money. Not a single cent. No bank cards or prearranged help either. Just their teammate, a backpack full of hope and the promise of 500 euro in cash and 500 worth of prizes up for grabs.
But it’s not as easy as making it to the Scottish capital, oh no. They must also touch base at TWO mystery checkpoints in the UK first, which will only be revealed by a clue when they leave DCU. The folks at DCU’s Enterprise Society, who are running the event, aren’t making it easy. This isn’t a weekend getaway for the faint hearted.
They will literally have to beg, borrow and steal their way along, blagging for donations, lifts and maybe even a place to rest their weary heads for the night! There’s sure to be lots of hiccups, near-misses and memories made in this adrenaline-fuelled journey of epic proportions.
To enter, the 30 teams had to raise 50 for the foundation and the society hopes to raise at least 8K overall. The foundation was established by the family of Donal Walsh, the Kerry teenager who touched so many lives when he came to prominence through his writings and subsequent appearance on Brendan O’Connor’s ‘The Saturday Night Show’. It aims to provide age appropriate teenage facilities in hospital and hospice care centers and spread Donals anti-suicide, Live Life message. And living life is certainly what these crazy students will be doing!
This is set to be one of the biggest charity events in Ireland this year so it’s something worth following, for the entertainment value alone! You can check out to see the teams and donate, while over on the Tweet machine you can tune into the action using the hashtag #DCUBegBorrowSteal on November 21st. We wish the teams all the best, and may the odds be ever in their favour…