The makers of Barbie have revealed their new line of dolls and honestly it is my new favourite thing.

Mattel has introduced a doll in a wheelchair and another with a prosthetic limb, can we just appreciate how amazing this actually is though, good on you Barbie!

The new Barbies are set to be released in June to celebrate 60 years of the iconic doll and some of the other new dolls will have a smaller bust, less defined waist and sculpted arms.

Mattel will also be selling a wheelchair ramp to accompany the doll. When speaking on the subject, they said that they feel that it is important to include the dolls to “elevate the conversation around physical disabilities” and honestly I couldn’t agree more.

When creating the doll Mattel worked with the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital to help ensure that the look of the toy wheelchair was accurate.

Such a proud moment for the iconic doll and Mattel and honestly I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it too!