Music is a really speculative category. What’s great to some people isn’t always great to others. People have diverse preferences in music that change almost as often as the charts.

There are some differences between an album and a mixtape. An album typically has a short interlude or pause between tracks and is available as a CD. On the other hand, mixtapes often have no transitions and simply play through the songs. Admittedly, it’s a subtle difference and most people wouldn’t notice it. In this list, we recommend a mixture of bands and albums by solo artists who are considered to be unforgettable performers.

Without further ado, here are the bands/albums you should listen to in your twenties:

1) Maroon 5

Here are five songs from Maroon 5 that you should tune into – ‘Sugar’, ‘Memories’, ‘Payphone’, ‘Girls Like You’, and ‘Beautiful Mistakes’. The most recent one ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ has a catchy flow with a serene beat and speaks to the audience. Adam Levine is an undeniably talented singer with his incredible range and skill. He often teams up with other artists to produce phenomenal music with great success.

2) Taylor Swift – Folklore

We can all agree that Taylor Swift is one of the most iconic artists of our time. Her work always reflects her life and mindset in a profound way. Swift’s 2020 album ‘Folklore’ consists of the songs ‘Cardigan’, ‘Exile’ and ‘The 1’. This album is worth listening to as it sparked attention during the pandemic for its emotional depths, serenity, and contemplative subject matters. Swift seems to take a new direction with her creativity and produced a new collection of songs which spoke to her soul. It certainly wasn’t a surprise when it was awarded Album of the Year at the Grammys.

3) Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear

‘Without Fear’ is Kennedy’s 2019 debut studio album which includes ‘Rome’, ‘Power Over Me’, and ‘All My Friends’. It recently jumped back into the top of the charts and it was the fastest-selling album during the year of its release. Kennedy demonstrates excellent song-writing and performing skills and is a fantastic act to see live. He puts great passion behind his lyrics and his deep voice acts as a drug, pulling audiences into his rhythm. The song ‘Without Fear’ starts off with a calm note and builds in power, only to end on a note that is unparalleled. You’ll get shivers listening to his music style.

4) OneRepublic

The songs of OneRepublic hold great nostalgia for people in their twenties! We remember all the greats – ‘Counting Stars’, ‘I Lived’, ‘Apologise’, and more. Before Spotify was around, this band was dominating the radio and we listened to their hits for years. This band is connected to a lot of fantastic memories for people who grew up in the early 2000s and listening to all their classics now would be a vivid jolt back in time! OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder described the band as “sum of a bunch of parts” in music genres. In ‘Counting Stars’, he begins singing softly before the song picks up into a faster rhythm. There are smooth transitions throughout and the bands’ singing flows with the song perfectly.

5) Sleeping at Last

In its early years, Sleeping at Last was a band and now, it has become more of a solo music project. However, it still produces some of the most soulful music which people in their twenties can definitely relate to! Their songs ‘Arctic, ‘Light’, and ‘Heart’. ‘Saturn’ is one of its most contemplative songs as it speaks directly to the human soul. There is so much attention and care put into the creation of songs. People in their twenties would be so in touch with this music because it’s so reflective and serene that it makes you slow down and think about life.

6) The Fray

Most people in their twenties will remember The Fray’s classic ‘How to Save a Life’. This song brings us back to a time when music was louder and makes us nostalgic for the early 2000s. If you listen closely, you’ll hear the subtle references towards death and realise it’s a profound commentary on friendships being lost over the years. People in their twenties can better relate to this song’s message now than they could before and understand to live their lives to the fullest. The Fray’s catchy songs will stay in your head for weeks due to the incredible vocals and strong rhythm.

7) Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit has produced great songs such as ‘Higher’, ‘Rockabye’, Solo’, and ‘Symphony’. They’re more instrumental with a great sound and focus their hype on the background music as wells as their vocals. People in their twenties would get a great vibe from this well-rounded electronic group.

8) NF – Clouds (The Mixtape)

NF’s music is very deep and relates to life. He’s one of the most down-to-earth and topical artists out there. He reveals personal struggles in his work and is completely unapologetic about it. NF raps like a poet, using lyrical techniques. ‘Clouds’ is a mixtape released by NF in 2021. This mixtape includes songs such as ‘Clouds’, ‘Paid My Dues’, and ‘Trust’. In his song ‘Story’, NF’s style is more experimental and is accompanied by a gripping music video which sends a topical message to audiences. He raps from a first-person perspective and doesn’t shy away from controversy.