Top 5 Ways To Avoid All Social Interaction On The Luas Ride Home

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Fancy a few tips on being super anti-social and somehow managing to avoid EVERYONE on the commute home? That’s what we thought. It’s not that you’re a terrible person (obviously!), it’s just that other people are, well… annoying. If it’s your idea of hell to have to talk to yet another weirdo, we’ve got a few tips to keep you so occupied that you never have to make eye contact. (Just remember, though… if you think everyone else is odd, maybe you’re the problem!)

  1. Get On It With Gaming

antisocial Admit it, is Candy Crush basically your spirit animal? Yup, it sure is addictive! However, you can broaden your horizons and play a whole ton of other games that won’t result in annoying requests coming through every five minutes on Facebook.

Thought about having a bit of fun with an online casino? It’s like going back to the arcade as a kid, but even better, because you don’t have to be surrounded by weirdos (that’s what you’re trying to avoid, remember!). There are loads of choices, such as, which has some really cool, movie themed slots, and Magical Vegas. is a particularly good choice as it is fully optimised for mobile and has some great sign-up offers like loyalty points. You’re good to go – just don’t blame us if you get over excited and make an idiot of yourself with all your cheering. Pipe down!

  1. Be Anti-Social Using Social


social interactionStrangers wouldn’t interrupt your phone conversation, right? Why should an intense Facebook chat convo be any different? As we’re sure mothers up and down Ireland are familiar with being told by now, it’s basically the same thing. Chances are, you’re too engrossed in the goss’ to notice basically anything, so that’s one way to pass the time and avoid everyone else at all costs.

  1. Get Ready To Read

social interactionLook, you’re gonna have to read those textbooks at some point, and you’re kind of stuck on the commute home, too. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get it all out the way before you even reach the front door? Don’t worry, it works both ways. You can cram in all the panic reading you like on the Luas to class as well! Don’t worry – they reckon last minute revision isn’t ALWAYS bad. People will see it in your frantic eyes that this just isn’t the time to disturb you!

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  1. On The Move Make Up

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This one’s mostly for the girls (although we’re certainly not judging either way). Providing you’ve got a steady hand, you can easily apply a little bit of gloss and mascara on the go. Bonuses include extra time in bed (hallelujah), being left to do your thing, and a good old challenge… but mostly the bed thing. Multi-tasking at its finest (although maybe leave the eyeliner at home).

  1. Be The Weirdo You Wish Not To See In The World…

how to avoid social interaction on the luasIf you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If there’s really no avoiding human contact, just make it so that nobody actually wants to bother with you in the first place. Sorted.

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