Armageddon: Choosing the Wrong Course

sad studentAt this stage, most of you will have completed at least a week of your new course, and will have gotten a good taste of what your life will be like for the next few years.

In an ideal world, college would be a place where we all find our true calling in life, as well as a place where we can just be ourselves. But by now, many of you will have realised that you hate your course, and you’re surrounded by knobheads. Knobheads that don’t even want to be your friends.

So The Spanner has devised a three-step programme to help those who have discovered that their course just isn’t the right fit.

Step One: Evading the Traps

wrong courseDifferent people react to this situation in different ways. Many people take a year out to gain experience in either work or life, but beware! Travel is one of the worst options. If you take a year to find yourself, everyone will start to think you’re a pretentious twat and you run the risk of becoming insufferable. You could try to switch your course early on, but this is very competitive. Furthermore, everyone will know if you try and fail.

Step Two: Shut Up and Keep Your Head Down

Remember when you sat down in the wrong lecture last week? And how it was just easier to sit through an entire third-year economics lecture rather than embarrass yourself in front of everyone? Well, to paraphrase the Bard himself, “All the world’s a lecture theatre”. If you were too embarrassed to walk out on your a class in front of a bunch of strangers, you’ll hardly have the courage to walk out of a whole degree in front of everyone you know. But relax. Just knuckle down and do well in your degree. It’s not the end of your life.

Step Three: Get a Job in That Field for the Rest of Your Life

wrong course
You committed to this. You’re an adult now. Welcome to reality. You’re not going to enjoy your degree, you’re not going to enjoy your job, you’re not even going to enjoy your marriage if you can even manage that. So chin up and see this through. Because that’s really the only way you’re going to learn from your mistakes.