News just in! A Roscommon man who is fond a breakfast roll admits that he’s not sure that he’d take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The report came this morning from what was believed to be outside your local Mace. It was our intention at Spanner media, a strand of, to get the people’s opinion on whether or not we would take the vaccine.

Here are some opinions we received while conducting this report:

“No way! Get that yoke away from me!”

“I’m not sure I’d take that now. I’d heard of a lad down the road from me got it and he started paying his taxes.”

“Ah yeah, go on. It’s good for ya and all that.”

“I’d take that thing in me left arse cheek on live TV if it meant I could get it right now.”

The one opinion from the people that got our heads spinning however was from the next gentlemen. He was short, stout with a breakfast roll in hand.

“What’s your opinion on the vaccine, sir? Will you be taking it?”, we asked.

“Ah I’m not sure I’d take the vaccine now. You wouldn’t know what would be in something like that now.”

The strangest thing about this interaction was the man’s answer combined with his choice of breakfast. The interview continues:

“And what’s this you have here today? Is this your breakfast?”, we asked.

“Ah, tis yeah”, he answered.

“What are you having for breakfast this morning?”

“Two sausages, two rashers, black and white pudding, an egg and a hash brown”, he delivered with a smile.

“You wouldn’t mind eating something like that now but you wouldn’t take the vaccine”, we probed.

“I would ya”. The man seemed to be panting when he was answering these questions.

“Sure it’s good for ya! Full of protein as the boys in the gym do be saying”.

We have nothing further to report on this matter other than the world may have gone mad…

Ok, none of this may have actually happened. It’s the work of our in-house Gas Cuntist at’s satire magazine, The Spanner. Thanks for reading and be sure follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for more laughs like this.