Are you on a tight budget but still want to look uber chic this summer? Well, fret not because we have the best solution to all your styling issues.

The following are 8 easy tips that will help you revamp your wardrobe for the summer season by using items that you already have in your closet. Read on to know how you can have the freshest and stylish summer! ​

Accessorize Away

Although summer attire is usually lighter and effortless than that of other seasons, your dress doesn’t really have to be. In fact, summertime is one of the best times to play with accessories and add some bold statements to your outfit. So, embellish your attire with bracelets, matching belts, catchy jewelry, etc. If you are planning on wearing a casual dress to a get-together, a matching necklace would be a great idea as it will both complement and complete your look for the event. Also, don’t forget to add ankle bracelets as they can elevate your look.

Don’t be Afraid to be Bold

Because it’s the summer season, anything bright and vibrant in color is generally more appreciated. Therefore, summer is the one season where you can be bold with your outfits. For example, that bright pink tank top you have in the back of your closet can be an excellent addition for any summer ensemble. To minimize the pinkness of the top, go for a subtle or zero makeup look. Due to the moisture and sun, your skin will glow anyway. Tie a messy bun or just let your hair flow and voila, you are good to go!

Befriend a Tailor

We all have some dresses that we simply adorable, no matter how old and faded they are, and we keep coming back to our wardrobe for them, don’t we? Although it’s good to get rid of old items, some dresses can be as good as new if you send them for a little style alteration to your tailor. Look for an inexpensive tailor who has no issues in making minor adjustments to an old outfit. If the dress is tight or lose, get it adjusted accordingly. Everyone likes wearing a comfortable dress, so sometimes all you need is a little help from the tailor to elevate an old look.

Remember Your Winter/Autumn Shoes

There is no denying that leather booties can be worn all year long, but how about some sandals this summer? Just like a pair of leather booties will look good with some denim cut-offs, a couple of stylish sandals will equally rock the look. Pair them with your favorite patterned tights or mini skirt this summer. If you’re going for a ballet class, a pair of pretty Dancing Daisy Shoes is enough to up your game!

Use What You Have

Style is not only about what you wear. In fact, there is much more to it. Search through your nail color holder or visit a mall and pick some fun, bright colors to match your summer outfit . Let your hair be free by giving a crazy wavy look. If you’ve been wanting to wear that red lip color you bought some time ago but haven’t found the right time to flaunt it, this is a perfect time. If you think bold nail polish, crazy hair, or bright lipstick is too much, pair it with a simple outfit to balance out your look.

Forget About Trends

Yes, that’s right! Crop tops and tank tops with matching miniskirts are back this summer season, but who cares about trends. Don’t invest your hard-earned money on things that only last a month or two. If you are to spend money, spend on something you can wear year-round, or at least for one or two seasons. Go for something classic instead, such as a pearly white button-up and a pair of cool denim shorts that’ll last for years.

Mix Colors and Patterns

Discard the old-school styling ideas that navy blue clashes with black or that it’s embarrassing to wear two or more bright colors in one outfit. Play with patterns — mix and match all the colorful outfits that you have in your wardrobe. You never know, you might become a trendsetter with a little change in colors and patterns.

Be Confident

They say your styling sense is not in wearing what you want. Your styling sense depends on how you wear it. This summer, promise yourself that you are going to try new things no matter what your body shape, size, or complexion, you will let loose and live with a live-on-the-edge attitude. When you wear an outfit, wear it with all your confidence. . If you have a date night, let your ebony traces flow naturally and wear the bold lip color that you always wanted to wear! Finally, don’t ever forget to smile, a smile is an essential accessory that every girl carries. Revamping your summer wardrobe is quite an exciting thing to do, especially when you know how to play with colors and patterns. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and use your creativity for a refreshingly new and revamped wardrobe!