Exam season is coming. Final assignments are due, the sun is tempting us away from our desks and it’s almost summer. But fear not, Alison Ring has a few pro tips for you to keep in mind when preparing for your final exams and may the odds be ever in your favour!


Find your study environment

This one is best carried out the week before intense revision begins. If you’ve been studying in your room all year and it’s been working stay there. While the library is the most popular destination it’s not always the most productive, so be careful if you’re venturing there for the first time this year. If you need music, bring your headphones and if you want silence stay away from your mates. Once you find what works for you, stick to it!


To-do lists

It may seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly effective. By setting yourself a realistic set of tasks to do everyday it can make your workload seem that little bit smaller. Make your to-do list achievable and make sure to add in things such as napping and eating. Give yourself a cut-off time every evening a stick to it. Down time is key.


Go offline

It might seem close to impossible these days but turning your phone on airplane mode for two or three hours can have a huge impact on your productivity. Stay off Snapchat, ignore that Whatsapp group, put the head and down and stay focused. Getting into this habit makes it so much more satisfying when you finally do get to check your notifications.


Take breaks

Don’t be afraid to step away from your study and give yourself some respite, your body and your mind need it. Make sure you’re eating and drinking plenty and time your breaks so they last just as long as that next episode of Game of Thrones you’ve been dying to watch. Take a nap, go for a walk, call your friend to you can freak out over the phone for 10 minutes. Do what helps you relax but try and limit how many breaks you take daily and the length of them. Balance is key.


Treat yourself

Exam season is tough, don’t underestimate it, you’re allowed to feel sorry for yourself. If you’re getting through your work don’t be afraid to reward yourself with a trip to the cinema in the evening, or a quick stroll to the shop for ice cream. For every item you tick off your to-do list give yourself a square of chocolate. Nobody looks after you better than you so don’t be afraid to treat yo’self.


Alison Ring