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College can be a scary new experience for a lot of people. A new place and new people can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But don’t forget it’s also an extremely exciting time! You get to explore your interests, discover yourself a bit more, and meet a lot of new and interesting characters, some who can grow to become your best friends.

But you’ll not only meet your new “squad”, you’ll more than likely run into at least one of these types of college students in your lectures:

The Serial Repeater

They’ve done every college course available to them. They’re constantly in the midst of an existential crisis but extremely chill at the same time. You’ll constantly forget that they’re probably much older than you, because they live the life of a perpetual student. You’re not too sure if they’ll ever leave, but they don’t care, so neither should you.

The Loose Cannon

Young, naïve and ready to consume as many naggins as possible. It’s their first time away from the watchful eye of their parents and they’re making the most of it. You’ll see them on the nightclub dance floor more than the lecture hall. They’ll probably take up smoking and complain constantly about their hangover.  You’ll be tired just thinking about how many hours they’ve spent propped against the bar in Coppers.

The Insomniac

Almost every college student ever is guilty of running on little to no sleep for a questionable amount of time, but the Insomniac takes it to the next level. They function on power naps and coffee from the canteen. Their catchphrase is “I only started it last night”. They’ve tried every energy drink on the market and they don’t fear death. You’ll constantly question whether it’s fear or admiration you feel in their company.

The Deer In Headlights

They’ve prepared for this moment for most of their academic life. They’ve got the points, they’ve got the course, now what? College is coming at them full speed and they’re not quite sure what to do. They’ll sign up for all the modules and all the societies in order to make the most of the experience but they’ll struggle to keep up with everything. While for you, college might be a fun and exciting experience, for them its make or break.

The Enigma

The only time you’ll see them is the first and last lectures of the semester. They’re never around but by some miracle they always meet the deadlines. You don’t know much about them except their first name and they’ll never accept your friend request on Facebook. Just as you start to question if they’ve totally abandoned the course, they’ll pop up and then vanish just as quickly.

 The OG

This person, whether they pop up in the form of a boyfriend/girlfriend or a best friend will be your anchor while you navigate the waves of college. You’ll lean on each other during emotional and academic turmoil and you know they won’t judge you for skipping lectures because they’re doing the exact same thing. If you’re lucky this college colleague will become a friend for life.

So keep your eyes peeled for these types of people during your college experience, they’ll add to the experience! And if you can’t spot them, maybe you are them!



By Sarah Donnelly