The dating game is a tricky one. If you fond your self losing, you could be making a few poor moves. Here are 5 common mistakes you may be making without even noticing. 



Playing Hard To Get

Not being straightforward about how you feel is huge turn-off. We tend to do this to protect our egos, even if it means hurting the other person’s feelings. You need to balance between showing interest and keeping composed. It’s okay to be cautious but try to keep an open mind when dating.

Ignoring Warning Signs

You need to take note if there is some warning signs early on. We are tempted to overlook little signs from early on, especially if you feel yourself falling head over heels.  Keep an eye on their body language and how they speak about people. For example, if they constantly bitch about people, it says a lot about their true character.

Being Too Judgey

When scouring dating apps such as Tinder, we tend to only swipe for those who look nice. However, looks are not everything. There is no point in dating someone who is gorgeous but has a horrible personality. We tend to make assumptions of people with little things such as a text. You need be open-minded and give them a chance.


Overthinking The Future

While you might have found someone who you want to have a future with, don’t be planning it too early on. The first 3-6 months are known as the honeymoon stage, try to refrain from making any drastic future plans. Thinking too much about the future can lead to disappointment.

Talking Too Much About Your Ex

While you might have to have this conversation sometime or other, discussing this at length very early on is ridiculous. You should focus on the now, not off-loading the story of how your ex messed with your head. This can easily drive people away from you if you keep holding onto things from the past.


Putting On An Act

Trying to act in a way that is not your true self will cause problems in the future. You may not even realise that you are putting on an act. Try to be yourself and stop trying to hard to impress. Your ideal partner will like you for you!



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