The weekend is well and truly over, but as we all know, “the fear” is a medical condition that can last for over 72 hours following a bank holiday sesh – so some of us are still in the depths of it.

Symptoms of “the fear” include:

  • Feeling a bit funky, physically and emotionally
  • Repeating phrases such as “never again” 
  • Being too busy repeating those phrases to look at what drunken texts we’ve sent
  • A strong longing to leave work and curl up in a ball of self loathing at home


With the help of science, and lots of experience, the team have put together a list of what can save us all.


1) A Good LOL

Science says that laughing triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. And God knows we could do with a few of them today. So, pick up your phone right now, and call whoever you were out actin’ the maggot with over the weekend. The chances are they are feeling pretty similar, and both of ye just need to laugh about the shenanigans. 



2) Look Forward

Sure there is no reason to look back at the silly sh*t that went down over the weekend, when we have so much to look forward to. No better time to get planning the next big shindig – get onto your WhatsApp group chat now!



3) Hydrate

This one is pretty obvious, but we couldn’t leave it out. Alcohol is so dehydrating that it leaves most of us feeling like grains of salt, but often we are too busy having the fear to realise. If you want to start feeling human again, it’s time to gulp down that h2O. 



4) Breakfast

The drink is the divil. It throws out entire bodies off, like our blood sugar levels and acidity levels. But, it is thought that a good hearty breakfast can fill us with the vitamins and minerals to get us back on track. 



5) Breakfast Date 

Alcohol can disturb our body and mind on many levels, but science says that one way to alleviate those symptoms is the excitement of a date! So get on to your bae – or more realistically, get on to the dating apps on your phone – and organise a cheeky date … It’s science. 

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