Ah Valentines Day, it’s that special time of year when love is in the air, everything is overpriced and your parents ask you “When are you going to meet someone?”

Well fret no more cause we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best things to do this Valentines Day for all you singletons out there.

1. Have A Movie Marathon Featuring Your Celeb Crush

Why spend the day thinking about how you don’t have that special someone in your life when you can spend Valentines Day with your true (on-screen) love.

Get a collection of your celeb crush’s movies, a pizza and a glass of wine and spend the day on the couch with your on-screen bae, ours is Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. Play Tinder Roulette With Your Mates

Gather your single mates and hook your phone up to a TV and broadcast your Tinder to the whole room, take turns swiping on each others profiles and who knows you may even find a date for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day

You heard that right Galentine’s Day, forget about Valentine’s Day us girls are all about Galentine’s Day!

Whether you go out for brunch or watch the episode that started it all (“Parks And Recreation”) with your girlfriends this is the perfect way to spend the day.

4. Get Ready For The Sales

Everyone knows that the day after Valentine’s Day everything is reduced, from wine to chocolate, flowers you name it and we are so here for it.

So spend the day getting ready for the sales by doing feck all on Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to treat yourself the next day!

5. Go Speed Dating

If you’re looking for a good laugh why not try out something new and fun like speed dating? Eventbrite are hosting a speed dating event for only €15 (€10 if you go in a group) this Valentines Day in the CHQ.

Not only will snacks be provided, you’ll get 20% off EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum with a 2 for 1 entry, a raffle ticket to win some great prizes and best part of all? You get a free drink on arrival, score!