Summer is in full swing but you can’t stay outside forever! Why not curl up to some Summer movies to keep that Summer feeling flowing. Here’s a list of 5 movies that capture that feeling of fun in the sun wherever you may be.

  1. Adventureland

This movie is my all-time favourite summer movie. It’s an 80s, Summer fling movie about a guy whose plans to go on holidays this Summer get cancelled so he decides to stay home and work a shitty job and the local theme park. Sorry, was that too real? 

Did I mention that has a CLASS soundtrack? This is essential for a Summer movie in my book. It’s Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Crowded House and enough 70s/80s hits to make Wes Anderson jealous. Speaking of Wes…

2. The Darjeeling Limited

Three brothers played by Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody and Jason Shwartzman go on an inter-railing holiday across India to find their mother and ask why they never came to their Dad’s funeral.

This is a great Summer movie because you can feel the heat but also I love a movie where you’re on a vehicle like a boat or a train for most of it (i.e Apocalypse Now). The characters are all on this journey to the final destination in the story and you’re on the journey with them

3. Trainspotting

This is a movie about a bunch of guys that have nothing but free time… and heroine. This is definitely a Summer movie because it captures that feeling of what it feels like to be a festival with your mates. 

The ending solidifies this feeling for me. Eventually, the festival ends and you have to go your separate ways on the Sunday for better or for worse while dance music plays in the background. Mark Renton, keep on smiling and strutting to Born Slippy by Underworld.


I don’t what it is about the way the film makes the movie look. But the way the film just captures the light in this movie just makes it look like the Summer. The lighting is so bright like you how you need to squint because we’re def not used to the light here in Ireland.

This is also a Summer movie for me because it’s drama, hard-partying and just hanging out with friends. So all the things you might do during the summer as a student.

5. Stand By Me

There’s a reason why this movie is usually on movies lists like these. It’s very nostalgic and reminds you of a time you just went on an adventure with your friends when you were younger because… well there’s nothing else you can do as a kid.