Keep your eyes peeled for some of the most anticipated television and movie releases of the year – here’s’s essential watch-list for the coming months.

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2

It’s time root out the zombie apocalypse survival kits once more.

The Walking Dead spin-off series is back with a bang this year, with its second season set to be released in April.

We are super excited for some more zombie action, and the show’s producers have hinted at some very interesting character development for resident high-school counselor, Madison Clark.


Better Call Saul: Season 2

The season finale of Breaking Bad prequel shows Jimmy turning down a comfortable job in a reputable law firm after he states that he is fed up playing the game straight. It appears to be the beginning of his transition from Jimmy McGill to sleazebag lawyer, Saul Goodman, from the original series.

Co-creator and executive producer Peter Gould said recently: “We’re very excited about Season 2, and Jimmy is definitely not there yet. He’s not quite Saul yet. We have talked a lot about what Jimmy’s next step is and what this next season is, and what we’ve found is that Jimmy’s decisions often have implications and corollaries that he does not expect.”

There has not been an official air date for Season 2, but it is set to hit Netflix soon.


The Angry Birds Movie

The addictive app has been brought to life and is due to hit the big screen this summer.

The Angry Birds Movie follows Red, an angry outcast among a community of fightless and happy birds. However, when their island is visited by suspicious little green pigs, it is up to Red and his fellow misfit friend Chuck and Bomb to figure out just what these piggies are up to.


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The world is struggling to decide what kind of a hero it really needs, as Batman and Superman fight it out after Batman fears that Superman’s actions are often left unchecked. While the superheroes are busy feuding with each other, a new threat arises in Metropolis – Doomsday, created by villain Lex Luthor. It’s up to Batman and Superman, with the help from Wonder Woman to work together and save Metropolis.

Will they be able to put their differences aside?

Find out when its released in theatres this March.