Now that spring is here, many women will be pushing their autumn and winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe for another year and looking at stocking up on clothes for the spring. Spring is a great season when for fashion, as this is the time of year when you can dust off those colourful spring dresses and start enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather. If you are planning to wear your favourite dresses this spring there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure you look elegant and chic.

If you are planning to buy some new dresses for spring, make sure you familiarise yourself with the latest trends. Vibrant colours and simple print designs are great for spring. Also, look at the cut of the dresses – a firm favourite at the moment is a knee length, A line cut, which always looks timeless and elegant as well as flattering.

How To Create That Chic Spring Look

Creating a chic, elegant look when you are wearing your spring dresses this year isn’t difficult. You simply need to make sure you choose the right dress design as well as the right accessories to team your dress up with. This way you can step out feeling confident and looking great in your spring dresses. Some tips that can help include:

1) Invest In Some Strappy Heels: With spring bringing with it some warmer weather, this is the perfect time to invest in a pair of strappy heels to complement your outfit. You can go for kitten heels if you are not comfortable with higher ones.

2) Buy A Classy Cardigan: Some days in the spring can be chillier than others but you don’t want to swamp your elegant spring dress with a coat. Instead, buy a classy cardigan that you can slip over the top such as a Laura Ashley cardigan. You can save money with this retailer through and there are some fabulous designs to choose from.

3) Team With A Denim Jacket: If you do want to wear a jacket with your spring dress, a denim jacket is a great choice. This will look both chic and edgy at the same time and denim is the ideal material for this season because it is not too heavy but will still keep you warm on chillier days.

4) Complement Your Look With The Right Handbag: If you are heading out in your spring dress, make sure you accessorise with the right handbag. For daytime outings such as shopping with your friends a medium sized tote bag is a great choice.

5) Consider A Maxi Dress: Another popular design for spring dresses this season is the maxi dress. These are lightweight and colourful but also long enough to keep the chill off your legs when the temperatures fall. They also look really chic and elegant, so add one of these to your spring dress collection.

6) Add The Right Jewellery: Spring dresses are all about elegance and simplicity, so make sure you wear jewellery that also makes the same statement. Simple, classic jewellery and rustic designs such as wooden beads are a great choice to complement your spring dress without looking over the top.

7) Be Colourful: Spring is the time of year when flowers come into bloom and there is plenty of vibrant colour around. This is something that you should try and reflect in your dress choices – don’t be afraid to opt for bold colours and prints that will make your outfit stand out.

Spring Outfit
8) Wear With Ballet Pumps: While strappy heels look great with spring dresses if you are going out to a more formal event or for lunch, they are not practical for activities such as shopping. You can, however, team your spring dress with some comfortable ballet pumps, which provide you with comfort and practicality but still look chic and trendy with spring dresses.

9) Consider Your Figure: There are various different styles of spring dresses to choose from. The classic A line design is flattering for most figures. However, if you are looking to purchase a range of different designs make sure you take your figure into consideration so that you can choose the best one for your shape. If you have a fuller figure, belted dresses are a great choice as they will accentuate the waist and show off your curves. More petite women could opt for the close-fitting designs and shorter dresses.

10) Add A Clutch Bag: If you are wearing your spring dress to a more formal event such as a bridal shower or outdoor social event, team it up with a fringed clutch. This will give you a chic, polished look at combines elegance and class with a cool spring look.

The versatility of today’s spring dress designs makes them perfect to wear for both casual and formal events during the season. With the right accessories, you can add practicality, style and enjoy looking chic and trendy this spring.