Travelling, whether you hate it or love it, we all have to face the daunting task of packing in preparation for a trip.

Sometimes, not being sure of what to include in your travel bag is enough to make you not want to take that weekend break or short stay abroad that you have planned. While i’m usually guilty of overpacking, I know some are just the opposite, guilty of underpacking!

I’ve compiled a list of travel essentials that will help you survive your time away.

A Plastic Folder: Yes, it sounds very basic and it is. Be it transport tickets, reservation confirmations, ID’s, passports or even receipts from shops and restaurants, it’s worthwhile to have everything in one place. Not only does it reduce the chances of you losing important documents, it’s also a great way of keeping holiday memories of where you went and what you did.

Toiletries: Penny’s, Boots and Lidl stock mini 100ml bottles of necessities such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos and moisturisers for a 1.50 or less.

Painkillers: Even if you aren’t prone to getting sick at home, the chances of getting sick while away are way more likely. Be it from a headache to an injury, these will surely come in handy for you and the people you’re travelling with.

Wipes: Be it for sticky fingers, a sweaty face or a bottle of moisturiser exploding in your bag, the benefits of having wipes at all times knows no bounds.

A Power Bank Charger: There is absolutely nothing worse than trying to get somewhere and despite all your attempts to conserve battery life, your phone decides to sprint it’s way to 1%. If you get into the habit of leaving the house with a small fully charged power bank, you ensure that you’ll still be able to give yourself another round of full battery.


It is not advisable to pack your own large snow-hounds, merely rent some as needed at your destination.

Snacks: Be it a Granola bars or a packet of Oreos, having something to munch on will boost your energy levels and make you that tiny bit happier.

A Book: Be it a fiction or a colouring book, having one or two will keep you occupied travelling to and from your destination.

Walking Shoes: Before you’re tempted pack any glam shoes, make sure you pack a sturdy pair of trainers that you’re not afraid to get dirty. You don’t know the amount of walking you’ll need to do or in some cases, the climatic conditions you’ll be in and comfort is always and essential in these situations.

A Refill Bottle: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! Not drinking water makes you grumpy, tired and gives you headaches. All the things you don’t need while you’re away and on the move. Do yourself a favour and bring a refillable bottle of water with you so that your mood doesn’t get in the way of a good time.

A Hat: Whether you’re travelling to a warm or cold climates a hat will still be useful. It’ll protect you from the Sun or Keep your head and ears warm depending on the style you choose to bring. Either way it’s a fashionable way to take care of yourself in a different climate.

Now that you have all your essentials, start packing your clothes and happy travelling!

Zainab Boladale