We all know that winter has well and truly arrived when we spend those cold, dark nights sitting by the fire with a cuppa while we watch celebrities eating questionable parts of a kangaroo in a jungle. Yes, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here returned this Sunday with the lovable duo Ant and Dec hosting. But before we watch a fresh batch of celebrities embarrass themselves on national television, let’s reflect and look back on the most iconic moments from past series…

1) When Ferne McCann ate a live spider:

Last year TOWIE star Ferne McCann won the hearts of the nation through her loveable personality, hilarious sense of humour, and close friendship with the series’ eventual winner Vicky Pattison. However, Ferne’s jungle experience is always going to be associated with the fact she ate a live spider during a Bushtucker trial. As in the spider was still breathing and moving around. Disgusting. The trial sparked controversy amongst viewers and even animal rights organisations, however it didn’t seem to matter too much as Ferne finished in third place.

2) When Christoper Biggins woke up with a rat next to him:

2007’s King of the Jungle clearly loved his experience down under, but that didn’t stop him from getting a little afraid every now and again. The most frightening experience for him, but arguably the funniest for viewers was when he woke up to find a rat crawling all over his body. He didn’t even notice for about two minutes which makes the whole thing even funnier.

3) When Myleene Klass took THAT shower in THAT bikini…:

I’m A Celebrity is no stranger to having plenty of gorgeous women on the show, but it’s pretty safe to say that nobody will ever look as good taking a shower as Myleene Klass did back in 2006. The former Hear Say singer looked absolutely stunning washing her hair in a skimpy white bikini and instantly became the girl of many boys’ dreams

4) …and When Matthew Wright tried to recreate it in 2014:

There is nothing more to say on this subject other than that it was the stuff of nightmares.

5) When David Gest would tell his camp-mates completely false stories:

David Gest appeared on the show in 2006 and entertained his fellow camp-mates and viewers alike with his nonsensical stories, such as having a maid called Vaginica Seamen and how his mother was a nun who illegally married his father. None of his stories were ever true, but that didn’t stop them from being hilarious. May he rest in peace.

6) When Gillian McKeith fainted before doing a Bushtucker trial:

The TV nutritionist entered the jungle in 2010 and it was clear from the start that she just was not cut out for it, at all. Constantly being voted by the public to partake in the trials was a treat to watch, but eventually took it’s toll on poor Gillian resulting in her “fainting” on live television. Whether or not she actually fainted is another story, but it still made for TV gold.

7) When Peter Andre and Katie Price fell in love:

The two former flames first met in the jungle during the third series, and fell in love instantly. Peter and Katie ended up getting married and having children together. Even though their marriage soon went down the drain and they barely speak to each other anymore, it was still cute to watch them together in 2004.

8) When Joey Essex learned how to tell the time:

The adorable TOWIE star appeared on the show in 2014 and proved to the rest of Britain and Ireland what TOWIE fans already knew: he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Despite admitting to his camp-mates he didn’t know how to blow his nose and mistaking a lizard for a dragon, Joey left the jungle a better man now knowing how to read an analog clock and placing fourth. Go Joey!

9) When Dean Gaffney completely lost it during a trial:

The Ex-Eastenders actor was a latecomer during the shows sixth series, and as part of his camp initiation he had to undergo a “jungle-spa” themed Bushtucker trial. The only problem was, was that poor Dean was terrified and couldn’t hack it all. All the poor guy could do was scream at the top of his lungs until he was eventually released by Ant and Dec, unaware of the fact he was now a laughing stock amongst viewers.

10) When Paul Burrell made an absolute fool of himself on national television:

Arguably the most iconic moment from the long-running show was when Paul Burrell completely lost it in series four during a Bushtucker trial entitled “Hell Holes”. In fairness, the trial looked like no easy feat, but his reaction to the whole situation was absolutely priceless and won’t be forgotten about anytime soon.


I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is shown on ITV every Sunday at 8pm.

Michelle Townsend