Tesco have decided to try and capitalise on the increasingly popular trend of people attempting to make their lives seem better than it actually is.

In 2015, the English supermarket chain will be bringing out a range of low cost ready-made meals that are low in nutritional value but highly aesthetically pleasing.

Since the dawn of social media platforms, people have been looking for methods of fabricating the happiness in their lives to try and make friends and loved ones innately jealous of them, and in turn give themselves an ego boost.

It is reported that only 15% of people now consume a meal without first sending a Snapchat of it to their disinterested colleagues. This number is 15% higher than most 3rd world countries.

Tesco have decided to capitalise on this and will produce meals that capture the essence of the appeal of online profiles in a low effort option that gives the allusion of talent.

They suspect that it will be a huge hit with their target audience of 18 – 27 year olds that prefer to present a veneer of a happy stable life in order to account for their insecurities.

The producers of these meals are said to be working in conjunction with the companies that photograph food for menus in McDonalds and Subway.


Tadgh Collins