Attention all students! Applications for the ‘Sports Photographer of the Year’ award at this National Student Media Awards are now open.

Submissions will be judged based on work that is dynamic, creative and technically impressive.

Submissions for this award don’t have to have been published in student media, you just have to be a full-time student. As well, be sure not to get confused with the photographer of the year award!

Last year’s Sports photographer of the year went to Sathishaa Mohan. Since winning this award Sathishaa has gone to become the Social Media Manager for MMA podcast ‘Hindfight’.

Check out the category here for more information.

For our full list of Entry Guidelines see here.

We’re so excited to see some your submissions and best of luck at The National Student Media Awards 2021!

Closing date for applications is Sunday 25th April 2021 at 12am.