The 22nd annual National Student Media Awards are coming! Marking the best in student film, photography, journalism and design, The Smedias have been a consistent platform for students over the last 22 years upon which they can showcase their work, gain recognition, and further their careers. Application forms will be available from March 1st 2022 – so watch this space.

Awards are offered in a wide range of categories, from radio production to film scripts, so there really is something here for everyone and competition is going to be as fierce as ever.

The closing date for entrants is March 24th.

A number of big companies supported us last year by sponsoring specific awards, including the following:

European Commission
Foras na Gaeilge
Road Safety Authority
Irish Examiner
Irish Times

The email address for applications is:

Or give us a call at: (015614879 or 0831492879

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Entries for categories not operated through our online application process must be posted to the above address.

1. Unless otherwise stated, all work entered must have been published in student media since February 2021 and must not have been entered into Smedias 2021. If you do not have access to a student newspaper or publication you can email and we’ll publish your article!

2. Student Media Awards are not open to students who have worked professionally in the category into which they are entering (not including summer work and internships).

3. Unless otherwise stated, 3 different examples of your work must be submitted with the appropriate application form. Check the categories page carefully to make sure you are submitting the correct material to avoid disappointment.

4. The organisers cannot undertake the return of submissions as they are archived for reference purposes. Neither Oxygen nor the organising committee accept responsibility for any entries lost or damaged in transit.

5. Any publication that receives professional assistance in design, maintenance or production is not eligible to enter. This does not apply in the website of the year category where professional design help is allowed, but must be stated on the application form.

6. The closing date for entries is March 24th.

Please note- a printed application form from the website must accompany every entry that is submitted by post or hand, even when a student is entering multiple categories. (i.e. one form per entry)

We also need two copies of for example, your three newspapers if you are entering Newspaper and Newspaper – Layout and Design as the entries will be sent to different judges.

7. Applications are submitted at the owner’s risk and cannot be returned.

8. Most categories can be entered online. You will fill in your details and upload your files. 

You will only need to post or drop in your entries into our office (Generation Y, 177 Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6) for the following categories:

  • Newspaper Of The Year
  • Editor Of The Year
  • Magazine Of The Year
  • Small College Or Society Publication Of The Year
  • Layout and Design of The Year.

Photography categories can be entered through email. Email application and photos to Full details will be under your desired category.

9. In the case of a group entry [e.g. radio production or short film], please fill out all of the individuals names with all of the details. Not the individual application. One form should be submitted for the entry signed, by the primary applicant, on behalf of the group. All members must be students in the stated college. This form should contain names of all members of the group. There is no need for each member of the group to fill in separate individual forms.

10. The fee per entry, per category is €15 for the first submission. So if you, or your group, enter one category the cost is €15. If you, or your group, enter one or more categories, you/your group must pay €10 per additional entry. (For example, one submission is €15, two submissions is €25, three submissions is €35, etc.)

11. This contest is open to full-time students of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

12. The judges’ decision is final. No entries will be returned and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the judging of the competition.

13. The winners will be announced in April at the Aviva stadium (COVID19 dependent) We will announce the winners over Zoom if restrictions are still in place.

14. The Student Media Awards are produced and run by Oxygen. Oxygen reserves the right to change the rules without notice.

15This is important: You may only enter a category once. But you can however enter as many categories as you like. You may also submit the same content in multiple categories where you feel it is also relevant e.g. using the same article in multiple journalism categories.

16. Any attempt to contact or canvas judges will result in immediate disqualification from this and future Student Media Awards.

17. The organisers of the awards reserve the right to share contact details of applicants with respective sponsors and share winning entries on and social media platforms. 

18. The organisers of the awards may request proof from applicants that they are full-time students or were a full time student when they published their entry, or otherwise conforming to the criteria specified in category descriptions regarding their full-time professional or academic status.