The New John Lewis Christmas Ad Has Landed

Christmas is an emotional time of year for all of us, capable of bringing up a myriad of feelings, from love to loneliness. While it clearly presents a great opportunity for businesses to pluck and capitalise on the heartstrings of their customers, the people behind the camera love Christmas as much as any of us, and we end up with some better viewing material for a few months.

While Christmas is still too far away for any person who is of sound mind & body to reasonably start celebrating, we can of course make an exception for John Lewis. The John Lewis Christmas Adverts have become as much of a Christmas tradition as mulled wine, terrible jumpers, and being disappointed by socks.

Renowned all the world over for the beauty of their cinematography, music, stories, and message, the latest John Lewis advert has managed to deliver not only a beautiful, well-rounded short film, but also an important message. It is definitely one that will we be watching for years to come.