By Laura Molloy

Students spend 14 years studying Irish, yet they often lose everything they have learned once they finish school. Here are three tips to maintain Irish after the Leaving Cert.

Gaeilge Societies: Most colleges have an Irish club that focuses on the promotion of the Irish language. They run regular events where students participate in Irish, helping them to keep and improve their language skills in a more relaxed setting.

Visiting Irish-Speaking Regions: There is no better way to improve in a language than to visit somewhere that speaks it. The experience allows you to fully immerse yourself in the language and see how it can be used in daily life. Planning your next staycation or girl’s weekend? Why not visit a Gaeltacht area?

Engage with Irish Content: This can be following Irish influencers, watching TV shows in Irish or listening to Irish radio stations. Raidió na Gaeltachta is a great example of this. Raidió na Gaeltachta is Ireland’s traditional radio service, operating exclusively in the traditional Irish language.

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