By Rachel Dennehy

The last two years for Cian Ducrot have been an absolute whirlwind, after finding internet fame after going viral in 2022 to supporting Ed Sheeran on tour to releasing his debut album last summer. The Cork singer-songwriter, originally from Passage West in Cork has experienced imminent success with a growing fanbase and now it was time for him to face the biggest gig of his blossoming career, a sold-out gig of 15,000 in Cork’s own Virgin Media Park as part of a line-up of his many summer gigs lined up for this year.

As soon as the clock hit nine o’clock, the crowd went silent as soon as they realized that the show was about to begin after immaculate support from Damien Kiely and Foy Vance, the audience was ecstatic for the show to commence. Conveniently, Cian Ducrot struts onto the stage performing an unreleased track entitled “I’m Coming Home” to capture the bittersweet feeling of him returning to that of the familiar performing to his hometown. The crowd erupted in cheers as he progressed into singing “Heaven” one of his biggest hits to date as the crowd aided him in singing the lyrics to the heartwarming tune. Ducrot’s charisma was present from the get-go constantly evoking cheers from the audience as he presented in captivating character and humour which was admired by all. After the initial feeling of thrill had set in, he performed his title track from his debut album “Victory” which was only received with enthusiasm and euphoria as the audience sang the lyrics back to the young singer-songwriter.

Ducrot sported a personalized Cork jersey to mark the occasion, met with eruptions of cheers and screams by the audience. He remarked how special and blessed he felt to be in this position, taking note of the significance of this gig to him. He took a moment reading the words of support engraved on letters and posters brought to the venue by his diverse audience reminding his fans of how much their love and support meant to him to get him to this very moment. With Ducrot, joining the crowd in the rain for a couple of moments amid the show.

The show was met with Ducrot singing his most memorable hits, with a series of unreleased tracks being performed as the backdrops tease a “new era” is coming. If these unreleased songs are anything to go by, then fans will have a lot to anticipate as the audience awaits his upcoming music.

Ducrot did not hesitate to take a moment to talk about following your dreams, as he turns to the audience, he reminds the audience to never forget their dreams and to follow their hearts regardless of what anybody else says, referencing himself as an example encouraging the audience that if he was able to make his dreams come true, than anybody can and will and he wished the crowd all the support in the world as they fight to make their dreams happen.

The most memorable performance of the night must go to his heart wrenching ballad “Part of Me” which he dedicated to anybody who has lost someone too soon by suicide which was a spectacular performance as the crowd lit up the stadium in bright lights singing passionately along with Ducrot, cultivating this as one of the most emotional moments of the night.

Ducrot closed the show with his biggest hit “I’ll be Waiting” which had the crowd up, singing and dancing as the show came to a close. Ducrot gave a stellar performance at the popular Cork venue in which he had both young and old, dancing and singing along, uniting people on what became such a memorable and special night, one that for sure will be remembered for a long time to come.

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