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With the ISIC takeover fully underway, we thought we would tell you about our favorite cinemas (and student discounts) that don’t get enough attention because who doesn’t love watching a good movie and finishing your popcorn before the trailers even end.

The Irish Film Institute

Homebred Irish films and the classics are on regular rotation at the Irish Film Institute (IFI).

The IFI has a fab location in the heart of Dublin smack bang in the middle of Temple Bar with their own bar and restaurant so it makes for a great day out no matter what.

The IFI seasons and re-releases are really what makes this place so unique with an upcoming Orson Welles season (ROSEBUD!) and the current showing of Stanley Kubrick classic ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ in gorgeous 70mm. We’re never going to tell you “sorry Dave I’m afraid I can’t do that” with these tasty IFI student discounts when showing your ISIC card.

€5 cinema tickets on Mondays up until 7.30pm ALL YEAR
€10 IFI Cafe meal deal – Burger (Beef, Chicken or Nut), Chips and bottle of Miller
Check out even more IFI offers with your ISIC Card here.


Browse everything the IFI is showing now and soon at the IFI website.


The Lighthouse Cinema

The Lighthouse Cinema has such a wholesome vibe to the place, we love the quirky style, shows and atmosphere.

The Lighthouse is in the center of Smithfield, Dublin and has lots of great surrounding spots to check out before heading into their comfy screens.

You can check out every major release at the Lighthouse which always has a great crowd who know when to listen and know when to laugh; but as well as current releases the Lighthouse is always screening great seasons of films throughout the year. At the moment every 90s kid’s Pixar favourites are on the big screen like Toy Story, The incredibles and Finding Nemo. Don’t stay living in an anemone, go find Nemo and your popcorn, and maybe a bottle of beer, or three.

Just like always ISIC have got you covered for student savings when catching these flicks,
grab a ticket of €6.50 before 5pm and €8.50 after 5pm by showing your ISIC Card.

To see the full list of films at the moment and upcoming visit the Lighthouse website and as always I’ll see you at the Christmas screening of Die Hard later this year.

By Dave Grimes