Best Dressed:

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss hit the streets of the Big Apple in bare legs in the freezing month of February- but done so in an effortlessly stylish manner. She pairs a woollen black overcoat with a black cropped jumper and a statement knitted knee-length skirt. To finish off her look, she added black suede courts and a grey handbag, completing her wintry ‘day in the office’ look.

Some of the Prettiest Ankle Boots to Wear Now:

As winter quickly changes into spring, it’s time to finally ditch the winter boots and opt for something a little bit lighter- the ankle boot. These short little booties have taken over the world in recent years in the forms of the Chelsea boot, the oxford boot and elongated ankle- and I can bet you a fiver there isn’t a girl in Ireland who doesn’t own a pair. Here is a guide to the shapes and sizes it comes in, if you have yet to land a perfect pair.

1) The man repeller- a pretty self-explanatory concept. This sees a boot being transformed, embellished and essentially ruined to look as heavy and as chunky as possible to almost ‘repel a man’ away. A man repeller boot usually features a lot of chains, buckles and metal, together with a thick sole.

2) The Chelsea boot- this is the most common type of ankle boot. It features a low heel, with little embellishment or design and a trademark piece of elastic material on either side of the shoe, placed just above the heel. These can be pretty easily styled and usually make for a great day-to-day wear.

3) Elongated ankle- doing what it says on the tin, the elongated ankle boot rises to slightly above the ankle, elongating the legs. It is best paired with a platform and a chunky high heel, for nights when stilettos just won’t cut it.

Kylie Cosmetics Launches the Valentines Collection:

Admittedly, I’m not really a big fan of the Kardashians- I admire their style, especially Kendall’s, but that’s about it. Kylie has recently launched her own cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics and to say it has been doing well is an understatement- each collection sells out within minutes as it launches. However, the road has been rocky for the company as several scandals have followed- customers have complained of bad lip-gloss applicators, lack of longevity and of Kylie ripping off packaging designs. However, the company has stepped up its game and has been launching palette after palette and now, Kylie launched her Valentines collection- consisting of a new palette, called Kylie’s Diary, small eye palettes consisting of duo colours and of course, new lip kits. The collection sees the lip kits having received a deep fuchsia makeover and the introduction of brand new products, like the eyeshadow duo mini palettes and contour and blush shades in the main palette.

Gabija Gataveckaite