Ireland’s most beloved nightclub is about to take an innovative step by introducing a‘Knickers Vending Machine’ next to its cloakroom area. This will be a vending machine, similar in style to ones that dispense drinks and chocolate bars, which for €5 will dispense a fresh pair of ladies underwear that is ready to go. The idea for the machine comes from Japan, where these vending machines line the streets dispensing used female underwear.

A PR representative for Copper Face Jackstold that, “The idea is to bring a bit of class to the nightclub. We don’t want to leave our customers short-handed when they plan to hit dance floor.  We are famous for the place to go to ‘get the shift’ but what happens if this leads to more. It’s unbecoming of a young individual to go around the town commando. A fresh pair of knickers will be what will make that lawyer you have be grinding all night want to show you off at the golf club the next morning”.

The new business venture is a joint initiative between Copper Face Jacks management andPennys clothing stores. Primark, who own Pennys, will be supplying the fresh white knickers. They are intrigued by the new market potential, “We are keen to give this a good trial run. We are starting out with some standard tighty whities but if it proves to be successful we will branch out to more exotic designs and potential novelty underwear. We are toying with the idea of printing the face ofPope Francis on the cooch end of the panties. This will be a play on the residual culture of Irish Catholic shame mixing with the more liberal contemporary Ireland that is present in 2014”.

The machines will up and running from this Saturday and will be heavily promoted by Copper Face Jack’s staff.