Trying to find a perfect balance between studying and partying, amongst other things, is a power struggle between good and evil in your head (think of it as a Batman versus Joker scenario – studying being that bastard Joker). In order to ensure you can keep a healthy balance between the two unhealthy essentials in your life, follow these simple steps:

1) Limit study to daylight hours if you are able to. You can read your books better (like nature intended) and have your evenings free for any shenanigans you may feel obliged to attend (unless you are cramming before an exam, then night time study is a necessity!)

2) If you know you are going to go out in advance, do at least an hour’s worth of study – it’s easier to justify to your sorry excuse of a reflection if you do.

3) Make sure you make any night out during study break worthwhile. And by worthwhile, I mean so crazy that the night itself will become folklore and cement your name in the dictionary next to the expression ‘Rat-Arsed’. And even your craziest friends will not want to hang out with you again because you have put them to shame and made them feel uncomfortable (which would work out well, considering you need to study)

4) When you have any certain ‘friends with genitals’ call over for the night, you can scream facts out in the throes of passion (multitasking at its finest). Or better yet, incorporate it into sexy talk and role play. Who knew that battle in 225BC, and a suit of armour, could be so sexy…?

5) And if all else fails, you can try to combine the two. Get your books out, have a drink, invite your mates around, listen to music and spend the rest of the night avoiding puking on your notes and college book. Something is bound to be absorbed into your head before that 7th vodka and coke takes hold…surely.


Emma Wright @EmmaWrightsBlog