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Galwayman studying Journalism in UL.
Film school dropout, perhaps the only person in Ireland who still gets excited for DVD releases.

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The Spoofers Guide to the Superbowl

BThe Superbowl now has it’s two finalists, The Los Angeles Rams and Boston’s New England Patriots For the next few weeks, people who think that American Football is actually a good sport that isn’t Rugby with too many rules will try to tell everyone that they’re an authority on the …

John Wick 3 Release Date Confirmed

Keanu Reeves is back once again as John Wick, the assassin who once killed a man with a pencil! Ever since 2017’s phenomenal sequel ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ and it’s cliff-hanger ending, expectations have been running high for the sequel – now we finally have a title, John Wick: Chapter …