After 31 days of none stop streaming, Ludwig Ahgren is now the king of Twitch. Ludwig streamed every single moment of his life, be it eating, sleeping, or even showering. Though, crazy as it seems he now has the record for highest number of subs, beating out Ninja’s record which was set in April of 2018.

A month or so ago if you’d asked anyone who the biggest ever streamer on Twitch was, they’d likely say Tyler Blevins- a.k.a. Ninja. When the battle-royale game Fortnite was at its peak, so too was Ninja. The guy broke all previous records on the site, including most subscriptions- peaking at 269,154.

However, on March 14th American streaming personality Ludwig started up his “subathon” (subscription marathon). This meant that for every subscription he got, 10 seconds was added to the stream length. In his mind he thought the stream would maybe last 48hrs maximum, but oh how wrong he was! After 31 grueling days of having every element of his life streamed to thousands upon thousands of viewers he stopped the stream. Not because the counter had reached 0 seconds left, but because it had become increasingly clear that it was never likely to end.

So, what did he do for these 31 days? He played games like he usually did, interacted with his chat, and all the usual stream shenanigans sure, but this stream also involved him cooking with housemates, working out, watching movies, and sleeping all while the world watched on. While he slept, the moderators of his chat would play games, or do a podcast of sorts (charmingly called the mod-cast)

At the end of it all, on the 14th of March, Ludwig had amassed a higher sub count than any streamer had ever achieved- 283,066. Who knows how long this record will last, but it was wild 31 days- not one Mr. Ahgren is likely to forget!