Summer is coming which means everyone on Instagram is awaiting their poolside/beach moment to show off their hot dog legs and itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.

Well if you’ve been on Instagram in the past 24 hours you might have seen a red bathing suit being shared around. A clothing brand, Sunny Co. Clothing posted an unusual promo post on Instagram. The offer was:  You have to re-post the photo of the models bootie within 24 hours, tag Sunny Co. Clothing’s in the post and voila! A Pamela Sunny Suit, for $64.99, will be yours…

Soooo as you can assume it, weirdly, didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped, the amount of re-posts reached WAY beyond what was expected and chaos ensued. Like, Fyre Festival levels of chaos.

As expected the hilarious side of this mess was exploited all over Twitter, as it should be. Many had their own take on what will happen when every girl from Instagram shows up with this red swimsuit. Obviously Sunny Co. Clothing must have realised they had seriously under-estimated the results, and now have come out ‘clarifying’ the rules of the promotion “Due to the viral volume of participants, we reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary,” their post read in part.

We can still hope there will be beaches of red swimsuits…

Luke Boles on Twitter

Everyone girl this summer in their Sunny Co Clothing suit