Ah yes, its that time of year again when the suns out and the entire nation drops all its responsibilities and heads out to the nearest beach, 99 in hand. Here at Oxygen.ie we’ve compiled a list of five things people say when the weathers good.

1) There’s A Fine Stretch In The Evening:

Usually this is what we at Oxygen.ie would categorize as a ‘Dad Saying’, but when the weathers good basically anyone can get away with this bad boy. It refers to the fact that now the evenings are longer, and it doesn’t get dark until say eight o’clock, which is a sure fire sign that summer is coming.

2) That’s Great Drying Weather:

This is what one would call an Irish ‘Mammyism’. Commonly heard on a fine sunny day, with a light breeze. Anything that can speed up the drying process of clothes is always welcome in an Irish household.

3) Bring A Jumper It Might Get Cold Later:

I don’t know about you lot but there was always the fear of getting a cold if you went out in the evening without at least a light jumper, no matter how warm the day was. It’s that Irishness in all of us, we’re so shocked that the weather isn’t shit that we begin to question it, and prepare ourselves to be greeted by the cold and wet we’ve grown so accustomed to.

4) Don’t Forget The Factor Fifty!:

It could be 17 degrees out and you’ll still hear your mam yelling from the back door or the kitchen window to put on sunscreen or risk burning up. Don’t even think about tanning oil, it’ll wreck your skin and age you (A common warning that had no merit). We’re Irish, we don’t tan, we turn a shade of slightly less pale or bright red.

5) It’s Roasting: 

Now to anyone outside of this great emerald isle let me explain what we mean by the term ‘Roasting’. We aren’t referring to the comedic practice of slagging off someone or making a Sunday roast, no we mean to say that the weather is so warm that it feels as if we are roasting in this heat. An odd one I know, but I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard it in my life.

There you have it folks, five things people say when the weather’s good. Let us know if there’s anything we missed, you can tweet us at https://twitter.com/oxygen_ie?lang=en or comment down below. Make sure you get out and make the most of this fine weather.

Aileen O’Leary