Irelands biggest film festival kicks off yesterday and there’s too much of the best from both here and abroad to miss out. Here’s our pick of the lot…

The Tribe (Tuesday March 24th, 6pm, Lighthouse Cinema, Screen 1)

A Ukranian film based in a boarding school for deaf children, where a new arrival is drawn into a world of organized crime. Groundbreaking in that the film is spoken entirely through sign language with no subtitles, The Tribe will change the way filmic language is interpreted by everyone who sees it. A challenging and at times very difficult film to watch, the film has garnered near universal acclaim and is tipped to be one of the break-out hits from this years festival.

While We’re Young (Saturday 21st March, 8pm, Cineworld Screen 9)

For those who prefer the more conventional American-talkie with well known faces, Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts star in While We’re Young, directed by Noah Baumbach. The movie deals with 40-somethings attempting to turn the tide of age and remain relevant as possible. With some well received performances from the films two stars, this light hearted but profound comedy is sure to gain a considerable following.

99 Problems (Friday 20th March, 8:30pm, Cineworld 9)

Another for those who prefer some name recognition in the cast. Fresh from their superhero blockbuster bows, Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon star in this film about a construction worker made homeless by the credit crunch. Driven to desperate measures by circumstance, this timely and powerful drama deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Better than any superhero nonsense.

Irish Movies

Irish film-making is widely considered to be entering a golden age, and this years Jameson Festival is again showcasing the best in this years production.

Glassland (Friday 27th March, 6:30pm, Lighthouse 1)

With a powerful portrayal of a mother/son relationship by Toni Colette and Jack Reynor, Glassland tells the story of a young man being sucked into the underbelly of Dublins gang-land. Glassland was a massive hit at this years Sundance with Jack Reynor taking home an award. A great example of home-grown film making tackling the elements of Irelands unspoken cultures.

Let Us Prey (Friday 27th March, 10:40pm, Lighthouse 1)

One of Irelands great contemporary actors Liam Cunningham stars in this chilling psychological horror. A mysterious assailant wreaks havoc on unsuspecting Gardai in a movie that echoes John Carpenters seminal Assault on Precinct 13. With a typically stoic and engaging performance by Cunningham, this is bound to draw the numbers.

From The Dark (Saturday, 21st March, 8:30pm, Lighthouse 1)

Conor McMahon directs this horror about a young couple being terrorised by something lurking around a remote farmhouse they’re stranded in. McMahon made a name for himself by directing a 20 minute adaptation of Hamlet a few years back, and is becoming established as an effective genre film-maker. With comparisons been drawn between this and The Descent, this is a horror cult hit in the making. This ones followed by a public interview with the film-makers.

Price Of Desire (Thursday, 19th March, 8:15pm, Savoy 1)
If you’re looking for an Irish made film that’s spoken completely in French then this is the one for you. A biopic of the great Irish architect Eileen Gray, pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture, the film has been received with almost unanimous praise. The screening will be followed by an interview with it’s director (Mary McGuickan) and stars (Orla Brady and Vincent Perez)


My Life Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn (Friday 20th March, 6pm, Lighthouse 3)

The Drive director gives us an intimate portrait of his approach to the toil of bringing an idea to the screen. Shot by his wife, this is a must-see for any budding film-makers.

The Last Man on the Moon (Sunday 29th March, 2pm, Savoy 1)

The clue’s in the title. Eugene Cernan is the last man to walk on the moon and the only person to do so twice. This spectacular documentary is set to be one of the highlights of the festival. The story of how a cowboy became an astronaut (that’s right), this perfectly captures the maverick spirit and glamorous lifestyle of an Apollo astronaut. Followed by public interview with Gareth Dodd and Mark Craig

The Decent One (Friday 20th March, 8:45pm, Screen Cinema Screen 1)

This eye opening documentary compiled through letters between Nazi Gestapo Chief Himmler and his wife and daughters is sure to generate as much debate as anything else shown at this years festival. An unconventionally sympathetic look at the man who’s hands bore the blood of millions of innocent people. Watch before you judge.

Special Screening

Barry Lyndon (Saturday 21st March, 1:30pm, Savoy 1)

Kubrick’s seminal masterpiece will be given a special screening to celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary. Adapted from Thackeray’s novel, Barry Lyndon’s eloquent, almost painting-like cinematography has established it as one of Kubrick’s most interesting pieces of work and one of the highlights of the festival. The occasion is marked by a public interview with it’s star Ryan O’ Neal. Not only that, but he’ll be joined by Jan Harlan who will be giving a Producing Masterclass and the audience will be treated to stories from the making of the movie, where the famous scenes from Dublin Castle will be explained. Absolutely unmissable.

Cult Film Club Special Presentation – Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (24th March, 7pm, Venue TBA)

With the selected cult films presented in non-cinema locations, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels will no doubt continue to generate interest a full 17 years after its release. Guy Ritchie, whose career can be described as checkered at best, directs this British gangster story with a dab hand for detail and style that he’s famed for. For every one of these classics, there’s dozens of Boondocks Saints – Tarantino knockoffs that garner significant following but divide opinion in equal measure. If you haven’t seen this, you can scarcely find a better environment to watch it in. A huge cog in the making of the modern British gangster movie.

Public Interview with Julie Andrews (29th March 3pm, Bord Gais Energy Theatre)

Sure to be one of the massive draws for this years festival. Julie Andrews, star of My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and, ahem, The Princess Diaries will give a rare and unique insight into a truly extraordinary career. The interview will be hosted by Aedin Gormley from Lyric FM. Tickets for this are sure to go quickly, might be a good way of getting into the mothers good books.
All tickets can be purchased here, The Jameson Film Festival is in its 13th and final year of partnership with Jameson Whiskey, and will be held from the 19th – 29th March 2015