Sean Doyle, a student of Trinity College Dublin, has been disappointed to learn that the course he has chosen, ‘Sesh Studies’, will not be recognised by the College. Sean described the course as being “fierce craic and a bit of academic banter”. He explained that the course is not just about being off your tits but rather it is a scientific and philosophical exploration of what the ‘sesh’ is. 

“Aristotle posed the question, ‘What is the good?’, whereas I’m more focused with ‘What is the good sesh?”

Sean also enthralled us by describing the science behind cans and how during the first week of his course, he would often compare different cheap cans of beer. He personally analysed the taste and ABV of Dutch Gold, Karpackie and Tesco Lager. “This one night during Freshers’ Week, I threw a can of Druids cider into the mix of beer. The academic term for that is “Shnakebite” and man, I was feeling it the next morning”. Sean expanded on this by saying that he plans to major in ‘Cans’ and that he’s not interested in any of this “highfalutin hipster craft beer shite”.

The course is not restricted to being in the classroom as Sean described class field trips to many Dublin nightclubs. “Y’know, Harcourt Street is a common place for me to be doing my studies. We sometimes have impromptu rollie classes in the smoking area and then follow that with a tutorial on ‘How to get the shift’”

The College Director of Undergraduate Teaching has commented that Sean Doyle was never a registered student and that no course has ever existed. A source who requested to remain anonymous has also pointed out that Sean Doyles Facebook employment status says that he is employed as a freelance ‘Mad Bastard’ and that it is most likely he imagined the course while he was yoked at Wigwam.

Sean Doyle responded to this news by saying it was “utter wank”. “Here man, Irish youth culture has become dominated by the sesh, the craic, getting shitfaced and getting the shift while staying emotionally distant. It’s part of our culture and any culture is worth studying academically. The Romans got pissed until they vomited and studying that is all grand so why not the sesh?”

Colm O’Halloran