Check out this incredible Simpsons fan art collection

Okay, it may be a bit of a stretch to call these drawings Simpsons fan art. They were drawn by Matthew Schofield, the supervising storyboard director of The Simpsons. But they aren’t complete Simpsons renderings, and each of them combines a Simpsons character with another pop-culture reference, plus, they’re really cool, so let’s not get persnickety and just enjoy the damn pictures.

You’ll also see that he actually responds to requests, which is pretty cool, so if you are or know a major Simpsons fan, it might be worth giving him a tweet to see if he’ll draw something.

Okay, this next one is admittedly a little creepy, but he was standing in line at Disneyworld when he drew it, and I’m sure it references something that goes over my head, so keep an open mind. And this poor little drawing only got two likes, so if you’re feeling generous, click the heart.

Here is one where he responded to a fan request. Schofield only has a little over 400 followers on Twitter, so if you want to tweet him, I’d say you have a pretty good chance of getting a response.

Inktober is an annual challenge that sees artists all across the world do a drawing a day for the whole month of October. Schofield decided to do a Simpsons theme, with the majority of the pictures being mash-ups with famous films.

And it ends there as, due to government cutbacks, October now only has 23 days in the US.