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We have all been through an energy slump – it’s the worst! Especially when you need to get an assignment done or a very important exem coming up. These little slumps are actually avoidable, here are a few steps to boost your energy.

Drink Water

Avoid that coffee or energy drink. Opt for water instead. Being dehydrated can leave you feel tired and drained. You don’t have to stick to 8 glasses a day, that’s just a very general rule, do whatever suits you. Water also has an abundant amount of other benefits, it would be silly not to always have a bottle with you!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

This might sound like your mammy, but this is actually very important. Skipping breakfast in the morning will leave you feeling groggy.It is proven that those who have breakfast can concentrate more than those who don’t.

Get Moving

Any type of movement with wake you up. Exercise is a natural energy booster. Whether it’s a 15 minute walk or yoga, it will make you feel more refreshed. It is important to get at least 30 minute exercise a day.

Protein Boost

Munching on a protein-packed food like Nature Valley’s Protein chewy bars. Get that little boost to help you get through the day. These bars come in 3 flavours, coconut & almond, peanut & chocolate and salted caramel nut.