We are so excited to once again be working with the Irish Times, who will be sponsoring the Newspaper of the Year Award at the Smedias 2022!

The Irish Times has delivered top quality news, opinion and analysis since it was first published in 1859. As media technologies evolve, so do their methods of storytelling and delivery. 

The Irish Times continues the transition from print to multiplatform publication, while upholding the journalistic principles that earned it the reputation as Ireland’s paper of reference. You can check out their website here and sign up for a completely free student subscription here, or download the app for the latest breaking news from Ireland and around the world.

The Irish Times consistently offers their readers journalism of the highest standard; reports that are accurate and comprehensive; and analysis that is informed, fair and based on the facts.

We’d like to thank the Irish Times for their support of emerging journalists and their cultivation of young talent.

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