The youngest of the Jenner-Kardashian brood, Kylie, has recently announced a perhaps surprising addition to her successful beauty line.

Kylie Cosmetics have unveiled an array of nasal hair extensions available from their website.

Eye-lashes and brows have for many years dominated the focus of facial hair in the female beauty market, but Kylie believes that it’s now the time for often maligned nasal hair to step into the limelight.

In 2017 it’s all about having a natural body,” said Ms. Jenner at a press event announcing the new range, “We should be proud of who we are and that means being proud of every aspect of our bodies. It’s silly to, for some reason, say that hair above your eyes can be sexy but for people to look at you like you’re some kind of freak if you have a long, luxurious mane tumbling out of your nose like a beautiful hairy waterfall.”

The product description on the website says that the nasal hair extensions are designed to ‘further enhance the beauty that already exists within you- specifically within each nostril. Each flowing lock of hair contains discreet clips which securely attach the extensions to the hairs that line each nostril. It is recommended to use a tweezers or the small hands of a child to assist in this finicky process though.’

However, the range of extensions have already come into controversy after it has been alleged that the hair used in the product has been sourced illegally. It has been claimed that Kylie Cosmetics are obtaining the hair by paying Chinese prison camps to shave the heads of their prisoners; this hair is then shipped over to America where it is later dyed and processed.

Don’t worry,” said Ms. Jenner when these allegations were levelled at her, “We like totally wash the hair first so you can barely tell where it’s come from.” Entirely missing the point of contention.