There is one novel way of combating substance abuse and that is by raising the price of the substance. This is great because it puts a further financial strain on those suffering from addiction problems and the family and friends of the person with addiction. It is a known fact, if you raise the price of an addictive substance, then the addict will cease with their cravings. Such a simple rule, which has worked wonders with reducing the number of heroin addicts around the globe. It is, after all, how the United States eventually won their War on Drugs.

It should come as no surprise then that the elected officials of this country will curtail alcoholic behaviour in the nation by raising the price of alcohol. Addicts will succumb to the financial strain and give up their ways. It is laughable to think that the government would set aside funds to fight the root causes of alcohol dependence when they can just easily eradicate it by making drink unobtainable. This will not raise the number crime encounters around the nation as alcoholics strive to find extra funds for their habits.

Also, only a cynic would point out that the real winners of the raise in retail alcohol prices is for the benefit of pub owners around the country. No TD has a stake in a pub, or depend on the support of pub owners during election times. By raising the price of drink to nearly that sold in a pub, will no way come across as a deceitful political move by those who we cherish to champion the needs of the average citizen.

This weekend, when you are sitting down to a highly inflated pint of lager. Please raise a glass to the members of the Department of Health, in honour of their hard work this week.