For some people packing for a holiday can be exciting, for others (like me)- the worst part. Trying to make everything fit and keeping within that dreaded 10kg rule! For all my fellow packing haters out there, I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will hopefully make the experience less stressful and give you some useful new hacks to share with your friends.

Cling film over the top of liquids

I wish I had known this tip earlier because it would have saved me A LOT of mess! When packing liquids in either your carry on or checked-in luggage take some time to put a layer of cling film between the bottle and the lid. Sometimes due to the pressure on planes liquids can find a way of escaping even the most tightly screwed on lid and make a mess all over your clothes, with this method even if the lid opens no liquid will escape. For added security place all liquids inside a bag, even in your checked-on luggage.

Roll your clothes

This hack is pretty well known by now but if you are questioning whether you should do it or not- do it! Rolling your clothes not only saves precious room in your suitcase but also gives you a safe place to store breakable items. If you have anything fragile like a glass perfume bottle, you can roll an item of clothing around it for extra protection.

Paper straws or a pill box for jewelery

Travelling with jewelery can be a nightmare. Nobody wants to waste time on their holidays untangling a necklace or trying to find a rogue earring in a suitcase. To stop your necklaces or bracelets from getting tangled you can cut a paper straw and thread the chain through it. Once the clasp is sealed the chain will no longer be able to get tanged in itself or other jewelery. A hack for earrings is to get a small pill box, either laying around the house or they can be bought very cheap in a euro shop, and put each pair in a different compartment. They won’t get lost, and it is easy to see what pairs you have.

Keeping a change of clothes on the top of your luggage

Sometimes when you arrive at your destination the hotel check-in won’t open for a while, or you have a long walk to your accommodation. If the country you are visiting has very different weather, then where you left you will need a change of clothes. Keep a full change of weather-appropriate clothes on the top of your luggage so that you won’t need to be rooting around in your bag at the side of the road. Simply open the zip and there it is!

Heaviest items near the wheels

When your suitcase is laid on the floor it is easy to throw things in randomly. Take some time to set your items on the floor and put the heaviest things, such as shoes, beside the wheels. This means they will stay at the bottom when the bag is being wheeled and will not crush the rest of the items in your bag or, in the case of shoes, get them dirty.

Pick one colour and pack your wardrobe around it

We have all been in that situation when you take all your clothes out and realise there is no way that they will all fit in your suitcase. It can be very difficult to prioritise what to bring and what would be most useful. The easiest way to do this is to pick a base colour, say black, white, or navy and bring clothes that can complement or match that colour. Suddenly you aren’t wasting space with trousers that only match one t-shirt and you’ll have the freedom to mix and match daily.

Packing can be stressful , especially when you don’t have a lot of room but hopefully these steps will make you a packing pro in no time!