Just as we’re getting over the Hurricane Ophelia hangover, another storm is here to try and take its thunder.

Storm Brian is expected to bring more  strong winds and flooding to Ireland over the weekend, much to the unexpected delight of one group of music fans.

Arctic Monkeys followers have been tweeting their delight about the name of the storm, based off one of the Sheffield quartet’s most famous single. 

‘Brianstorm’ was the lead single off Arctic Monkeys sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare and is one of the band’s most iconic hits.

Naturally, while we’re sure the song has little to nothing to extreme weather conditions whatsoever, it still won’t stop plans claiming this storm as their own.

Claire on Twitter

Storm Brian is coming, dig out your best t shirt and ties combination #Brianstorm https://t.co/TXun91rDVN

Ed on Twitter

arctic monkeys fans have been waiting for this moment since 2007 #brianstorm

Phil Coupe on Twitter

At least this storm has a good soundtrack, eh @ArcticMonkeys #brianstorm

SteroplastHealthcare on Twitter

Another storm is coming, however #StormBrian should be a little more rock’n’roll #Brianstorm ‘See you later, innovator!’

Burke on Twitter

Hurricane Brian, guess you could call it a …….. Brianstorm

Met Eireann have warned people to stay away from coastal areas and damaged trees with winds as strong as 130 kph expected to batter the country. The south and south west are expected to be the worst affected areas.

These fans don’t seem to be bothered though; they’re more concerned with their t-shirt and tie combinations.

Daniel O’Connor