Best Dressed:

Elsa Hosk pulls off an effortless outfit to a black-tie dinner and in the season of universities hosting every ball under the sun, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either. Instead of venturing out looking for a ballgown, reuse what’s already hanging in the wardrobe- a party dress that you bought ages ago and only wore once, accessorised with a denim jacket, sheer tights and black courts.

The Brush Washing Guide:

…And the only guide you’ll ever need. Cleaning makeup brushes is an incredibly important part of getting a flawless look every time and it doesn’t have to be a chore. Here’s a few tips why:

1) Before you rush off to buy a €50 brush cleaning machine, remember that you’ll get the same results with some baby shampoo, warm water and a towel.

2) It’s best to wash your brushes in the evening and leave them near a radiator, so they’re nice and dry in the morning. Don’t try drying them with a hair dryer or leaving them in the sun- air drying works best.

3) The best way to get product out of the brush is to wet the brush, put some baby shampoo in the palm of your hand and swirl it around until there’s no more product coming out. Then, rinse well, lightly press on the bristles to remove any excess water and leave flat to dry.

4) If a brush is stained, a good tip is to leave shampoo on the bristles for about 10-15 minutes. However, brushes which aren’t washed regularly will stain much more easily.

5) Washing your brushes every two weeks to once a month should do the trick, depending on how often you use them. Built up makeup in bristles can cause breakouts, and a less blended finish on your makeup.

Louis Vuitton Collaborates with Jeff Koons:

Louis Vuitton has dipped its toe into the art industry. The fashion and luxury master has released handbags and accessories created together with Jeff Koons, an American artist known best for taking ordinary objects and turning them into something extraordinary. Although the collaboration may seem unlikely, this has been done before in the fashion industry, for example Andy Warhol worked with Karl Lagerfield many times for Chanel. The Masters Collection sees Koons taking famous works of art like the Mona Lisa, recreated on a large scale and put onto a Louis handbag, with the original artists’ name placed in the very centre. The collection sees favourites like Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Ruben and Fragonard come to life in Louis favourite bags, the Neverfull, Speedy and Keepall.

Gabija Gataveckaite