RTÉ’s Claire Byrne will tour the country this month in an effort to promote her new current affairs programme, Claire Byrne Live. The show, which is in its second week, airs every Monday night on RTÉ One. The show delves into the political and social topics which are shaping the consciousness of the Irish public.

In an effort to draw in new viewers to the programme, the affable Byrne has decided to undertake a new innovative PR campaign in order to put bums on seats. The 39-year-old will travel the country and will read the news to members of the public as they go to sleep. The service, which comes in packages starting from €500, will see the presenter coming into your room and gently whispering the day’s news headlines as you drift away to the land of nod.

Each package comes with extras. For instance, the €800 packages will have Byrne recite her own opinion piece after the headlines about the Irish Water charges. For €1000, the presenter will take a selfie with you as you sleep and have it uploaded to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts by the morning time so you can reap in the likes by your jealous friends.

Byrne spoke to Oxygen.ie about the PR campaign last weekend. The blonde bombshell said, “It’s a really great way to engage with your audience. It teaches you what they are interested in hearing. It’s a bit awkward as some married couples like to sleep in the nude, but who am I to judge how they get to sleep.”

“So far, I haven’t had any negative experiences with the campaign. In fact, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It nearly makes me want to do this fulltime. Sometimes when I’m finished with the news, I will stick around in the bedroom. I like to watch. It can be hypnotising, there are a number of times when I will just stare at a middle-aged man sleeping for two to three hours. I think it gives me something to live for.”

If you are interested in availing of the service, you can email Claire Byrne Live to get an appointment arranged.