Members of the Dáil said that they will attempt a ‘golden week’ this week after a series of events recently that has resulted in the parliament being constantly suspended. Now, it is not easy to point out why the parliament got suspended but it would not take Sherlock Holmes to point the finger of blame at Sinn Féin and more prominently Mary ‘I’ve got bank account records’ Lou McDonald.

While debating serious issues the last few weeks, McDonald has attempted to lap up as much media attention as possible by making a spectacle in the parliament chambers. Not satisfied with having a seat in one of the biggest political parties in the country, McDonald needs to be heard by disregarding the rules and generally just being a nuisance.

With all the recent suspensions and sit ins, public perception of the Dáil is that the TDs just around all day doing nothing. This has literally been the case in the last month where Sinn Féin’s disrupted behaviour is primarily happening in an attempt to force an early general election. They are trying to capitalise on their decent polling results lately. This in despite their delusional economic and social plans that cannot be enacted if they were ever to find themselves in power.

However, in the meantime, Gerry Adams has vowed that this week in the Dáil will not be disrupted. Talking to reporters this morning, the bearded leader said, “Every time the Dáil gets suspended, I have to stay in work later than planned that day. I’m an old man and all I want is to get on my Twitter and follow the ‘Republican MILF of the Day’. I will not be content until I’m sitting at my home ferociously masturbating over some Militant MILFs.”

So far this week, the Dáil has been well behaved. Let’s hope that it can remain that way.