We’re very excited to announce that the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, BAI, have once again decided to partner with the Smedias to sponsor two of our most prestigious radio categories; Radio Production Of The Year Arts & Features and Radio Production Of The Year News & Current Affairs.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland are the regulatory body for all Public Broadcasting Services in Ireland, covering RTÉ and TG4 amongst others. They are not only responsible for monitoring the output of these national broadcaster but also for upholding the values and standards of the stated aims of these Public Service Broadcasters. They are also responsible for mediating in any disputes or complaints that are levelled against these broadcasters by any member of the public. They are the first port of call for information if someone feels there has been some error or instance of wrong-doing on the part of these broadcasters. In short their aim is to ensure that the general public are consistently provided with the highest quality content possible by these national broadcasters.

To ensure the ethical production of media their codes of practice are the rulebook by which these national broadcasters are to shape their content. The BAI also strive to raise awareness through education and through the media itself of the cultural and social importance of these national broadcasters as well as ensuring that they are held to stringent codes of good practice.

Aside from this they are also dedicated to ensuring that adequate funding is provided to programming focusing on Irish culture, history and heritage.

They are also committed to ensuring that there is a greater diversity in the range of voices represented across the Irish media landscape. As Ireland becomes ever more multicultural, the BAI is determined to endeavour to guarantee that this increasing sense of plurality in modern Ireland is represented.

To have an organisation so integral to Irish media involved in the Smedias both shows the ever-growing reputation of the Smedia awards as a platform to gain national exposure and the willingness of BAI to support the next generation of Irish media talent.

For any student hoping to pursue a career in Irish media becoming familiar with the work of the BAI is a must. Having them sponsor two radio awards helps provide students with an opportunity to learn about the incredibly important role the BAI fulfil in modern Irish broadcasting.

For more information on what they do, why not check out their website BAI

If you’re interested in applying for either of the categories they’re sponsoring this year then follow the links to either page

Radio Production Of The Year Arts & Features
Radio Production Of The Year News & Current Affairs