Tánaiste Joan Burton has signed a new endorsement deal with the computer giant Apple. The historic deal will see Burton collecting €144.00 a week from the tech firm’s local Post Office in exchange for the company to use her likeness and name to promote the iJoan.

The technical specifications for the iJoan have not been fully released to the public yet but CEO Tim Cook has given some insight as to what will make the iJoan unique. Cook told Oxygen.ie that, “One of the first features that we are proud to announce is the new security system on the device. Each phone will be unique to each customer. Their security pin to access the phone will be their PPS number. This will cut down on people claiming other people’s iJoan.”

“A GPS system that can’t be tampered with will also provide the user with some security, as Joan will always know where you are. It will automatically check you in to the Welfare Office’s Facebook Page if you enter a pub or alert Joan if you film any member of the civil service that is trying to implement a new tax system.”

Burton has insisted that the phone be reasonably priced so that it can be obtainable by all sectors of society. Every JobBridge participant will be given one as soon as they complete a nine month internship stocking shelves in Tesco.

The Táinaiste has also called for the phone to offer greater connectivity with the TDs. That is why every iJoan will come preloaded with the Táiniste’s personal number and Snapchat account. A requirement of the iJoan will be that the user will have to contact the Táinaiste on a daily basis.

The iJoan is expected to be in shops in time for the Christmas season.